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Name and Seat

The name of the association is “BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF THE LIVER” (BASL). This is a non-profit organization of medical doctors, working in the field of HEPATOLOGY.
The Association has its seat in Sofia 1431, 15 Akad. Ivan Geshov Blvd, Bulgaria. It is possible to open sections after decision of the Ordinary Business Meeting

Aims of the BASL and methods of their realization

The activity of the BASL is related with public benefit. The main aims of BASL are:

- to promote research and education concerning the liver;

- to organize scientific and educational meetings and conferences on various aspects of liver diseases

- to provide a continuous medical education (post graduated courses);

- to generate Bulgarian Guidelines for optimizing clinical care in a variety of liver diseases;

- to consolidate its relationship with other Bulgarian, International and European societies, especially EASL, as well as patients’ associations

Property of BASL and finances

The property of BASL is based on:

1.An entrance fee of the members;

2.Annual membership fee of the members



5.Incomes from various activities related to its objectives

The Association has no commercial purpose and does not intend to make a profit.

The Association is founded sine die.

The Association shall be registered in the National Register at the Justice Government of Bulgaria. The Association is responsible to give information for it’s activity each year to the National Register

Documentation of the Association

The documentation of the Association included:

- protocols of the meetings of the functional bodies

- annual business report and annual financial report

Structure of the Association

The functional bodies of the Association are:
1. Business Meeting of the members.
2. Governing Board

The Business Meeting will be held once per 4 years by the Governing Board at its discretion or following a request in writing of 1/3 of the members annually

The Business Meeting has the following powers: to elect the members of the Governing Board; to approve the business report of the Governing Board and the annual accounts presented by the Treasurer; to approve the admission of new Members accepted by the Governing Board; to discharge the members of the functional bodies carrying out the business of the Association; to approve the Articles of Association proposed by the Governing Board; others.

The Governing Board consists of the President, Secretary General, the Vice-Secretary/Treasurer, and members. The members of the Governing Board are elected for a period of 4 years at the Ordinary Business meeting and can be re-elected. The members of the Governing Board among them elect the President, the Secretary General and the Vice-Secretary/Treasurer.
The Governing Board has the following duties: to manage the business of the Association; to carry out the resolutions taken by the Business Meeting; to collect and distribute money on behalf of the Association; to prepare proposals for approval by the Business Meeting; to organize the Ordinary Business meeting; to prepare annual business programs of the Association and pass the budget for its management; to create subsidiary bodies – scientific and other commissions, necessary for the business of the Association.

The meetings of the Governing Board are chaired by the President. They are in order if present more than half of its members. The resolutions of the Governing Board are taken if they receive the majority.

The President of the Association is elected for a period of 4 years by the members of the Governing Board and can be re-elected. The president is responsible for chairing the Governing Board and for running the administrative tasks pertaining to his/her function.

The Secretary General of the Association is is elected for a period of 4 years by the members of the Governing Board and can be re-elected. He/she helps on the President and replace in case of missing.

The Vice-Secretary/Treasurer of the Association is elected for a period of 4 years by the members of the Governing Board and can be re-elected. He/she helps on the President and the Secretary General; manages the administrative and documentation tasks of the Association, has a role of treasurer. Membership to the Association
Members of the Association can be medical doctors working in the field of gastroenterology, gastrointestinal endoscopy and abdominal ultrasound, as well as other specialties with an interests in the liver and its disorders.

The membership to the Association is voluntary. To become a member, a formal notice is addressed to the Secretary General, The Governing Board approves members at its regular meetings and a list of new accepted members shall be presented to the Business Meeting. Membership of the Association shall remain valid as long as the respective membership fees are paid. In case of no payment for a period of 2 cosecutive years, the member is drop out.

Termination of the Association

The Association is terminated by the vote of Business meeting if for a period of three months the number of members is less than the law makes provision for its number or after judgment of the court.

Liquidation of the Association

In case of termination of the Association, a liquidation is done by the Governing Board or appointed person by it (liquidator). The last has to do the business related with the liquidation of the Association.

Transient and closing edicts

The Association has a seal and logo, which are approved by the Governing Board.
This statute is accepted with one voice by all founders at the Constitute Meeting of the Association, held on 29.11. 2012 г., Hotel Sheraton, Hall “Rila”, Sofia


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